Heavy Duty Racking

S.EM.CO provide a wide range of industrial and warehouse heavy duty racking storage solutions manufactured at our factory in the UK. Our heavy duty racking range includes Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking, Vertical Racking and Pigeon Hole Racking, suitable for use in various industries. S.E.M.CO have the ability to design, manufacture and install bespoke racking solutions, helping to provide a cost-effective storage solution.

Cantilever Racking

Our Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks are ideal for storing long product loads in your warehouse or yard.

Pallet Racking

Our comprehensive range of Pallet Rack frames and beams ensure that there is a solution for any storage racking challenge.

Vertical Storage Racking / A-Frame Racking

Ideal for storing timber, metal or plastic. Vertical A-Frame Racking can save valuable floor space and maximise warehouse storage.

Pigeon Hole Racking

Horizontal Pigeon Hole Racking designed on an available space or a stock requirement basis. Ideal storage solution for long lengths of Timber, PVCu Profiles and Plastic Drainage.

Widespan Shelving Racking Systems

Versatile Widespan Racking Systems offer a flexible storage solution for handloaded items. Easy to assemble and can be quickly adjusted.

Racking Safety Products

We manufacture a range of Pallet Rack safety products including Post Protectors and Heavy Duty Barriers to help comply to Health & Safety regulations.

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