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The design, manufacture and supply of window extrusion PVCu profile is a key element in the supply chain embracing Builders, Developers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Fabricators and Installers. 

S.E.M.CO’s extensive knowledge of bespoke Windows & Conservatories storage solutions and racking for this sector means that we have the design capability and project management skills essential to the production of Cantilever Racking for this sector. In addition, we offer Vertical Storage Racking and Pigeon Hole Racking for products that are to be loaded and selected by hand.

Traditionally PVCu Profile has been stored in bulk stacked Stillages. Picking was carried out from the end of the Stillage until empty – the problem was replenishing the empty Stillages. This required several partially loaded or full Stillages to be moved as this is so time-consuming often empty Stillages at the bottom of a stack were left until others were also empty. The net effect of this was poor utilisation of Stillages and because access was manual there was poor utilisation of building height as well as further compounding storage density problems.

S.E.M.CO’s team have designed a number of Cantilever Racking systems to overcome these issues. Typically the Racking systems are served by a guided aisle which minimises the area required whilst maximising use of available height. Where wide ranges of smaller quantities are stocked then Pigeon Hole Racks or A-Frame Vertical Storage Racks are installed as a more space-efficient alternative to Stillages.

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