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S.E.M.CO provide a range of Pallet Racking safety products to help you comply with the Health & Safety regulations.

S.E.M.CO manufactures a comprehensive range of Pallet Racking safety products designed to ensure your warehouse, factory or yard complies with all the relevant Health & Safety regulations. Many requirements are implied under Health & Safety legislation across Europe. Whilst there are arguments for and against using Uprights / Post Protectors in Pallet Racking Systems, it is recognised as good practice to fit Protection Barriers at all exposed ends of runs of racking. 

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requires you to:

Health & Safety Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers will actively check for racking damage on your site. Taking the time and effort necessary to implement the additional safety messares to protect your racking could make the difference between damage which can be quickly resolved, and critical damage which could potentially result in a collapse.

Racking Safety Products

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