“Semco’s Widespan Shelving Systems are an excellent storage method for hand loaded products and a variety of miscellaneous retail items” IMG_0473  

Semco’s Widespan Shelving Systems are a versatile design that are easy to assemble and can be quickly adjusted offering a flexible storage solution for hand loaded items. Many products are best stored by hand in a shelving system for safety, visibility and selectivity. Heavier products and larger bulkier items are ideally suited for storage in widespan/longspan shelving.

The flush face finish of the beams with the slot free external face of the upright means that the system looks attractive enough to meet all retail as well as commercial applications.

IMG_0457 IMG_0139 IMG_0299

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent adjustability – racking post sections are punched at 50mm pitch to full height to facilitate easily adjustable beam location
  • Bolted construction allows easy changes to rack frame height and depth should requirements change whilst tubular bracing strengthens and supports the rack
  • Box section rack post strength is maximised by the indented front face feature and as all slots appear on the inner faces an aesthetically pleasing flush front post face is presented
  • The unique recessed connector design allows for welding of the stepped beam thereby limiting racking beam rotation
  • A single rolled section stepped beam, allows for 25mm standard chipboard shelves to be easily fitted to the rack and a simple and effective footplate fixing which requires no bolts allows floor fixing of rack if required