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panel products racking

S.E.M.CO design, manufacture and install Panel Products Racking Systems that not only provide the selectivity now so fundamentally needed but also maximise warehouse capacity whilst lowering stock damage costs that occur with multiple handling operations in bulk storage systems.

There is a very wide range of panel based products available in today’s market, varying from Plywood, Chipboard, MDF, Flooring Products, Worktops, Laminate, Fibreboard, Door Blanks, Decorative Sheets etc. S.E.M.CO’s expertise in this market place has been established from servicing leading organisations within this market over the last four decades. The changing nature of demand in recent times has seen the burden of picking pushed back up the supply chain back to the Panel Distributors as customers cut back on raw material stocks and demand a more bespoke ‘just in time’ supply service.

A wide range of racks are held on a stock basis to cover all Panel Product Racking storage applications whilst S.E.M.CO’s expertise in designing integrated warehouse systems is unrivalled in the industry. Systems typically require a combination of Cantilever Racks with different arm lengths and bay widths with Pallet Racks.

Panel Product Racking

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