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Cantilever Racking

S.E.M.CO are UK Manufacturers and provide a range of heavy duty Cantilever Racking designs to suit your storage needs.

S.E.M.CO Racking provides a cost effective and safe solution for storing your long loads and heavy products, such as Timber, Steel Profiles, Aluminium Posts, Stainless Steel Tubes,  Steel Bars, Steel Sheets and PVCu Extrusions

Racking is designed to suit your individual storage requirements. Our in-house design service guarantees a bespoke racking design to meet your criteria and maximise your storage space.

Conventional Cantilever Racking

The most commonly used system and is designed to accommodate long length products. We offer either single-sided or double-sided options dependent upon your specific storage needs. 

Free Path Cantilever Racking

Consists of rows of racking which are adjacent to each other, separated by an aisle. It enables your handling equipment to travel the length of the aisle without any guidance. 

Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking

Provides a space-saving solution and maximises the use of your floor space which means it is ideal for warehouses which are limited by space. Runs are positioned closer together and can be accessed by specialist trucks guided by the guide-rail.

Ideal for Storing:

External Cantilever Racking with Canopy
Conventional Cantilever Racking
Internal Warehouse Cantilever Racking
Free Path Cantilever Racking
guided aisle cantilever racking
Guided Aisle Racking

Features & Benefits

SEMCO Internal Cantilever Racking


Punched at every 76 mm for maximum flexibility for accommodating different load heights. Columns are punched double sided as standard to allow single sided racks to be easily converted to double sided racks if and when required in the future


Bolted as standard on all stock racks which allows simple changeover from single to double sided and vice versa. Full width base end plates minimise damage to tyres on handling equipment


Tapered open section arm design maximises clearances when loading and unloading

arm connector pins

Tailored design allows transmission of load from arm into column. Uniquely designed to allow rapid fitting and removal for quick arm relocation

Brace frames

Cross braced bolted design gives good rigidity to minimise sway during loading/unloading operations

S.E.M.CO’s Racking is manufactured in accordance with the SEMA Code of Practice for The Design of Static Cantilever Racking and/ or FEM 10-2-09 and/or BS5950 Part 5 and/or BS EN 1993 -1 -1 (Eurocode 3). Racking is manufactured depending on your storage requirements and the complexity of the racking structure.

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