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What is Conventional Cantilever Racking?

Conventional cantilever racking by S.E.M.CO

Conventional cantilever racking is an efficient storage solution for long, heavy items and one of S.E.M.CO’s go-to racking according to our customers.

Features of Conventional Cantilever Racking

Intricate Design

An adjustable design with the ability to add more sections to increase storage capacity and move arms to fit different load heights.  

Heavy-Duty Construction

Well-made columns and arms that are built in our state-of-the-art factory in the UK. Made from high-quality steel to maximise support for heavy loads. The reinforced bases of the racking are designed for stability and support the entire structure.

Variety of Configurations

Depending on what is being stored, your conventional cantilever racking can be Single-Sided or Double-Sided. Both configurations are available in various sizes, bespoke to meet your specific

Open Front Access

No front columns allow unobstructed access for loading and unloading of items of different sizes and the wide span accommodates long and heavy items without vertical obstructions.

Flexible Load Handling

Versatile storage is suitable for a wide range of items like timber, copper pipes, metal bars, and furniture. Items can be accessed and retrieved using forklift trucks or manual methods.

Cantilever Racking for Timber

Benefits of Conventional Cantilever Racking

Increased Storage Efficiency

Using Conventional Cantilever Racking maximises the use of space by making the most of any height freeing up floor space for other operations.

Enhanced Accessibility

The quick retrieval of stored products enables fast loading and unloading, enhancing operational efficiency. An open design provides clear visibility of stored items, making inventory checks easier.

Improved Safety

Designed to safely store heavy items a conventional cantilever racking system can reduce the risk of accidents and prevent stock damage.

Versatility and Flexibility

Easily reconfigured to accommodate changes in inventory or storage needs – please always consult with a SEIRS registered installer before making changes to the structure. Such Racking has a wide application, meaning it is suitable for various industries, including timber merchants, construction, and builders merchants.


If you want to expand your racking system, you can do just that with conventional cantilever racking. Remember to contact a reputable supplier who is approved when extending any current racking or looking to start from scratch.

Cantilever racking storing long loads

With Great Racking, Comes Great Responsibility

SEMA Full Member | Inspector | Installer

Providing a good return on your investment, the racking is only as good as its owner (that’s you). To ensure your racking ensures a long service life, regular care and maintenance is required.

S.E.M.CO are a full manufacturing member of SEMA, and has a fully SEIRS-registered team of installers and SARI-qualified inspectors.

Conventional Cantilever Racking

A robust and flexible storage solution designed to efficiently handle long, heavy items. Its heavy-duty design, construction, and open front access offers numerous operational and efficiency benefits, making it an ideal choice for many sectors.

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