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Effective rack storage of timber products internally within a shed or warehouse environment or externally in a yard is something that S.E.M.CO provides a wealth of experience and expertise.

In tune with the timber industry and as leading suppliers to the sector for many years we have developed the knowledge and know-how on providing a wide range of Cantilever storage solutions that are specific to the needs of Timber Merchants Racking.

Development in recent years has seen the timber industry not only service the supply requirement of traditional hardwood and softwood products, but also expand its scope into panel and advanced technical panel products where more specialist Timber Racking Solutions are required.

Timber products traditionally lend themselves to bulk storage. Easily stacked and relatively stable products were sold on a full pack basis. Recent trends however of customers lowering raw material stocks and ordering smaller quantities on a ‘just in time’ basis have pushed picking requirements back to the merchants. Breaking bulk repeatedly to pick small quantities is time consuming and often results in high levels of product damage. S.E.M.CO manufacture a number of Racking Systems particularly well suited to meet Timber Merchants requirements.

S.E.M.CO Cantilever Racks are often used for storage of large quantities of Hardwood, Softwood and Carcassing Timber. Picking is often carried out manually at lower levels and via trucks lowering packs down for product selection from higher levels.

Where a wide range of smaller quantities are stored and especially PSE’s and Mouldings, then Pigeon Hole Racks and A-Frame Racks are the racking solutions recommended. S.E.M.CO manufacture all equipment to allow use of the Pigeon Hole Racks as the basis for a raised storage platform for storage of bulky lightweight items. This allows manual selectivity of all stock whilst maximising use of available height.

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